Tailoring technology

Ready-made suits – mass produced garment which aren’t custom tailored for individual measurements. This type of wearing, the most often seen in chain stores is dedicated for average sizes and usually made of a mid-quality fabrics. The basic advantage is cheap and effective technology allowing to keep attractive price of a final product.

Made-to-measure suits – garment sewn typically by well-known producers of ready-made clothing. MTM method is more personalised, because it based on customizing pre-existing pattern for individual customer’s measurements. This solution allows to wider range of fabrics and additions but the shapes are still limited.

Bespoke suits – the most exclusive type of garment sewn only in craftsman’s workshops by experienced tailors. Bespoke tailoring is dedicated for individual customer and relies on a very individual body measurements, which means actually limitless choice of fabrics, items and shapes. Bespoke garment is also divided into two sub-groups: half canvased (40-50 percent of production is made mechanically) and full canvased (most of work is made manually, for example manually quilted lapels and handmade buttonholes).
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