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Bespoke Overcoats

In the autumn time, elegant coat is required element of a men’s wardrobe. Unlike the cheap mass production, bespoke tailoring assures great impression every day and on a rare event. Choose uniqueness, individuality, style. Here you will find well-fit clothing without any limits. The choice is always yours! We offer casual coats (trench coat, pea-coat, polo coat) and much formal coats (chesterfield coat or covert coat). We’re able to propose a wide range of fabrics, also high-quality english wools.

Chesterfield Overcoat

Chesterfield coat was named in a honour of british Count George Stanhope. It is the most formal men’s coat. Chesterfield coat should be sewed from solid wool, cashmire or a blend of this two fibres. Especially elegant is camel coat made from exclusive camel wool. The basic colours are black, dark blue and grey. Lighter colours are typically casual and it is important to wear them only before evening. This kind of garment should be worn with formal suit, stroller or tuxedo. Interesting replacement of chesterfield may be also covert coat with small ticket pocket and velvet collar.

Double Breasted Chesterfield Overcoats

Bespoke double breasted men's overcoat
Bespoke double breasted men's overcoat 2 buttons
Bespoke double breasted overcoat
bespoke suits and overcoats

Single Breasted Chesterfield Overcoats

Chesterfield overcoat
Bespoke double breasted overcoat
Bespoke double breasted overcoat
Bespoke suits and overcoats

3/4 Length Overcoats

Above the knee jackets are semi-formal. Basic model is car coat made by wool, cashmere or tweed. The second option may be polo coat which is basically connected with old horse-riding traditions. Due to patch pockets and cuff sleeves polo coat isn’t as elegant as chesterfield but it is appropriate to business suit.
Bespoke woolen doble breasted jacket
Bespoke casual overcoat
Bespoke tailored casual jackets
Bespoke suits and overcoats

Casual Overcoats

Casual coats and jackets we can wear every day. The most typical springtime model is trench coat. Classical trench refers to millitary style but today it became modified; for example it is possible to find trench coat in different lengths, single-breasted or double-breasted, without belt or epaulettes.
Bespoke formal overcoat
Bespoke formal overcoat
Bespoke formal overcoat
Bespoke formal overcoats and bespoke suits
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