Do you want bespoke suit? Tuxedo? Tailcoat? Morning suit?
Maybe you are looking for orchestra uniforms, historical uniforms or costumes for Theatre & Film ?

You can design and create it... BESPOKE!
bespoke tailored suits, reenactment uniforms, talicoats & tuxedos


In the globalized world of cheap mass production and consumption is almost impossible to find classic and at the same time oryginal men's attire which emphasizes individuality of each men. The only place where we can realize that idea yet, are tailoring workshops where the skilled master tailors are able to advice model fitted to customer appearance and then create them as the ready wardrobe.

WELTMEX is one of the few tailoring workshop where you can make :

  • Bespoke Suits
  • Bespoke Tailcoats, Tuxedos, Morning Suits and Strollers

    You can also order Bespoke Overcoats.
    The reenactors will buy bespoke Historical Uniforms
    The hunters will order Hunter Uniforms, The horse riders riding tailcoats and blazers.
    Besides individual customers we are realizing also orders for firms and instutions.
    We design and make Orchestra Uniforms , and concert Tuxedos and Tailcoats for Musicians .
    Theatres, Operas and Film Producers can order Contemporary and Historical Costumes and also Contemporary and Historical Uniforms
    Additionaly offer contains designing and making Corporate Wear, and also Hotel, Restaurant, Pilot, Chauffeur Uniforms.
    Full range of clothing are designing and sewing since 66 years!
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