B L A Z E R:

Double Breasted Suit - Select Lapels:

Peak Lapels
Notch Lapels

Double Breasted Suit - Select Number of Front Buttons:

1 Button
2 Buttons
3 Buttons

Double Breasted Suit - Select Pockets Style::

Pockets With Flaps
No Flaps
Patch Pockets

Double Breasted Suit - Select Extra Side Pocket:

No Extra Pocket
Extra Pocket

Double Breasted Suit - Sleeve Buttons & Sleeeve Cuffs:

No working cuffs 1 button
No working cuffs 2 buttons
No working cuffs 3 buttons
No working cuffs 4 buttons
Working cuffs 1 button
Working cuffs 2 buttons
Working cuffs 3 buttons
Working cuffs 4 buttons

Double Breasted Suit - Select Back Vent:

No Vent
Central Vent
Double Vents

T R O U S E R S:

Double Breasted Suit- Select Cut:

Classic Fit
Slim Fit

Double Breasted Suit- Select Pockets:

English Pockets
Jetted Pockets
Rounded Pockets

Double Breasted Suit- Select Pleats:

No Pleats
1 Pleat
2 Pleats

Double Breasted Suit- Watch Pocket:

No Watch Pocket
Watch Pocket

Double Breasted Suit- Select Cuff:

No Cuffed

Double Breasted Suit- Select Back Pockets:

No Back Pocket
One Jetted
Two Jetted
One with Flap
Two with Flaps

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